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With experience as an educator, small business owner, and active philanthropist in Decatur – Regan is working to foster community development and individual success. Regan believes we need a common-sense government that honors individual freedoms and the ability to create a life full of opportunity.

Washington’s one size fits all solution to the problems facing working families in Illinois is doing more harm than good and progressive Democrats are out of control when it comes to trying to insert more government into the day-to-day lives of Illinoisans.

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I sleep better at night knowing my kids are protected by my handgun, which is why I’m a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I believe we should focus on proper gun safety and education instead of stripping citizens of their constitutional rights, such as in the case of “red-flag” laws.  Likewise, I will stand strong as a proponent of both open and concealed carry laws.

Government spending, taxation, and inflation will be my top priorities when elected to Congress. It is time we empower our workforce with opportunities and resources to provide more for our community and their families without government reliance. The current administration’s continued attack on the private sector needs to end not only for the workforce but the supply chain as well.

Small business owners are the backbone of this economy, and they are being told every day by the government how to run their businesses. Government should get out of the way of the American people to allow for the entrepreneurial spirit that we know exists in every American to shine through. While in Congress, I will work every day to make sure small businesses can keep more of their hard-earned money and are allowed to grow and innovate.

It’s past time we elevate non-traditional secondary pathways.  Our communities are creating incredible opportunities for students to learn a trade and contribute to our economy.  I’ve seen “signing days” for workforce students just like student-athletes that spotlight the next phase of life for our high school graduates.  Trades are rebuilding our country and we need to focus on the next generation of skilled workers.

Our country consistently falls outside of the top 20 in the global ranking for education.  Despite the human right to a free education here in the U.S., we are failing our public-school students.  Our reading and math scores are unacceptable given the per-pupil dollars allocated.  We must focus on equal access to early education, parental choice, and teacher training and retention.  In both the classroom as an educator and as an owner of a tutoring franchise, I saw the impact of smaller class sizes, an engaging curriculum, and high-quality teachers.  Our community’s success is dependent on the preparation of our children to be productive members of society and that starts with a quality education. I will work tirelessly in Congress to ensure every child receives the best education possible.

I am forever grateful to have been adopted at birth by a loving and supportive family – a factor that has shaped my perspective on the pro-life stance. My birth mother made the most difficult decision and chose to give me the opportunity to live my life to the fullest. I believe that every life is essential. With the exception of risk to a mother’s life or trauma/assault, Illinois needs to stop being a gateway for easy access and on-demand abortions.  I absolutely support the reinstatement of the Hyde Amendment (named for Illinois’ Rep. Henry Hyde) at the federal level, barring the use of tax-payer dollars to pay for abortions. Federal funds should be allocated to women’s health clinics across the country and perhaps be considered to support families facing increasing costs for the adoption of a child.

Every voter in Illinois deserves to have their vote counted securely. We need all citizens engaged in the voting process with a focus on their confidence in the accuracy and integrity of their vote. While I agree absentee voting is an important outlet for citizens with valid excuses for missing in-person voting, I do not support universal mail-in ballots. Like most Americans, I support the policy of requiring a valid ID to vote in elections. The ultimate goal is to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat.

Border security is community security. Americans will not stand for an open border that weakens our national sovereignty.  The Biden Administration has reversed several key components of securing our border, such as funding border walls, the “Remain in Mexico” policy and eliminating funding for sanctuary cities. These reversals have led to a surge in daily encounters of migrants at our southern border.  Our CPB agents are literally begging for additional resources to help them do their job.  I will work against Biden’s plans of open borders because I know that leads to illegal drugs pouring into our country and an increase in human trafficking. While I am pro-legal immigration, we must secure our borders and put Americans first.

The increase in crime in our communities is unacceptable.  There seems to be an effort to make lawless criminals the victims and downplay the key role of our law enforcement officers. Now, more than ever, Americans need to stand alongside our brave men and women in uniform.  Their front-line defense keeps us all safe.  Radical legislation, such as no cash bail policies directly corresponds to an increase in the crime rate, especially among repeat offenders. We must begin operating under the general agreement that actions have consequences; a mindset I will reinforce in Congress.

Farming is the backbone of our district and our country. I will always celebrate the American farmer, their work ethic, and the quality products they bring into our homes. However, it’s hard for the American farmer to celebrate these days, as they’re facing more challenges than ever. From trade and market access, rising input costs, and supply chain issues, to concerns over rural broadband and aging transportation infrastructure, today’s farmers need an advocate in Washington who will address their concerns and work to make their jobs easier.

The men and women of our armed forces deserve the utmost respect.  Their service and sacrifice have allowed us to live free in the United States of America and it is our responsibility to support them and their families.  Heartbreaking stories of suicide, drug addiction, and PTSD are becoming too common, and we must find ways to better care for our soldiers and prioritize their access to quality healthcare.  Upon returning home, it is our duty to support their re-entry into society and capitalize on their leadership skills to be used in civilian employment.  Additionally, we must continue to find solutions to securing housing for our homeless veterans while connecting them with supportive services.

Americans want quality healthcare at an affordable price. In Congress, I will work to support our rural hospitals, protect those with pre-existing conditions and find solutions to lowering the cost of healthcare for all Americans.

As a mother, I cannot imagine the pain and stress that would come with not being able to afford quality healthcare for my family. I will utilize my experience working in my community to help support programs that make cost-effective health care more available to Illinois families and will help cultivate public-private partnerships to plant deeper roots.

Lowering the price of prescription drugs is a necessity for a strong and vibrant community. I will support capping the cost of life-saving drugs such as insulin and will work with the medical, insurance, and research communities to find cost-effective solutions without interrupting continuity or decreasing the quality of care.

There are a number of Federally Qualified Health Care centers in my district, including two in my hometown of Decatur alone. I will work with these on-the-ground organizations to ensure our federal support is being maximized and directed in the most effective ways.

Our district also has many rural communities where access to quality doctors and care can mean life or death. I will support programs to encourage doctors to open up shop in these communities and support telehealth services to reduce the lack of care due to transportation issues. I will especially focus on bringing more access to mental health services to our farming communities where suicide rates are alarmingly high.

Finally, as a science educator, I understand the great value of encouraging our youth, especially young women, to go into science and research fields to strengthen Illinois’ healthcare workforce.

As we have seen in the rising health costs of health insurance resulting from the Affordable Care Act, a government takeover of health care is not in the best interest of the American people. I will fight to keep an independent health care system that allows Americans to keep world-class doctors and quality of care at a price we can afford.