Deering: Budzinski works for Biden – I’ll work for you

U.S. Capitol

November 4, 2022 – Chicago – President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are visiting Illinois today to stump for their struggling Democratic candidates. Will President Biden’s former Chief of Staff for his Office of Budget and Management and hand-picked candidate for the 13th Congressional District Nikki Budzinski be meeting Air Force One?

What part of the Biden / Budzinski agenda do they think is helping the middle class the most?

How is shutting down the  Keystone XL Pipeline that employed more than 1,500 workers and was set to create 11,000 jobs by 2021 working for American unemployment?

How is the attack on the American fossil fuel industry and this year’s record-breaking increases in motor fuel prices working for families traveling to work and school?

How is the 50 percent increase in inflation since President Biden took office working for seniors living on fixed incomes?

How is the highest inflation on groceries since 1979 working for family dinners?

How is a nearly 15 percent rise in electricity prices from just last year working for small businesses?

How is the highest one-year average rent increase in nearly 40 years working for young adults trying to make their own way?

How is the increase in crime, and decrease in police support working for keeping our neighborhoods safe?

“The Biden Budzinski Agenda isn’t working at all,” said Candidate for the 13th Congressional District Regan Deering. “Nikki Budzinski is running for Congress to work for President Biden – I am running for Congress to work for you.”