Illinois Fraternal Order of Police Endorse Regan Deering for IL-13

U.S. Capitol

Nikki Budzinski, who is running for the 13th District Congressional seat, is a fervent supporter of the UN-SAFE-T Act that passed the Illinois General Assembly in the middle of the night and was enthusiastically signed by her then-boss, Governor J.B. Pritzker. Aside from its provisions that will coddle criminals and punish the police, the new law is expected to cause property tax hikes as unfunded mandates are placed on law enforcement.

Budzinski is no stranger to causing taxpayer burdens, and she certainly doesn’t mind cashing in on her political connections at the same time.

Budzinski was a senior advisor to Gov. Pritzker when he signed a $45 million package of bills that doubled the gas tax. She also advocated for Pritzker’s failed tax referendum which would have changed the Illinois Constitution to give politicians more power to raise income taxes.

Budzinski next joined the Biden administration as Chief of Staff to the Office of Management and Budget, where she helped to advance laws that raised taxes, increase energy costs, cut jobs, and reduced America’s energy independence.

But that’s not all. According to an investigation by the independent watchdog group, the Better Government Association, Budzinski recently cashed into the tune of half a million dollars in consulting fees from the state and federal political connections she previously helped while working for the Governor and the President.

Nikki Budzinski has been getting hefty paychecks as a result of her work for those who support coddling criminals and raising taxes. Her opponent, Regan Deering, opposes the UN-SAFE-T Act, supports cops rather than criminals, and hasn’t made a living by capitalizing on secret political connections.

That’s why we enthusiastically endorse Regan Deering and urge all 13th District voters to elect her on November 8.