Nikki Budzinski Tries to Hide Her Agenda for Green New Deal

U.S. Capitol

This week, President  Biden’s former senior staffer and hand-picked candidate for Congress Nikki Budzinski stated that she did NOT SUPPORT the Green New Deal at a forum in Champaign, IL.

Her new opposition is in direct contradiction to her previous statements when she was, “honored to be endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund.” The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) publicly supports the Green New Deal saying, “LCV applauds Senator Markey and Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez for their climate leadership, and we support the Green New Deal resolution.”

In addition to her endorsement, Nikki has actively worked for groups supporting the Green New Deal. In 2020, she was paid $60,000 for consulting work done on behalf of the Sixteen Thirty Fund, a dark money group that, in the same year, spent millions of dollars backing organizations to support the Green New Deal.

“Will Nikki reject their endorsement and explain her work for the Green New Deal, or is she lying to voters in an attempt to downplay her radical leftist energy agenda,” said Melanie Meyers, Campaign Manager for Nikki’s opponent Regan Deering. “The people of the 13th District need a leader they can trust to go to Washington to fight for their economic interests, not just another political insider sent to Illinois to stump for AOC, and the Green New Deal.”