Voters can’t afford Nikki Budzinski’s new mileage tax

U.S. Capitol

September 22, 2022

Decatur, IL  – President Joe Biden’s hand-picked congressional candidate Nikki Budzinski would like Illinois to consider testing a new mileage tax program that would charge gas taxes based on how many miles people drive.

While serving as his senior advisor, Nikki’s billionaire boss Gov. JB Pritzker floated the mileage tax at a Daily Herald Editorial Board meeting saying, “It’s only fair, right, that if you’re on a road and traveling on that road that you should pay your fair share…”

“A mileage tax would be disastrous in our geographically huge, agribusiness-heavy district,” Illinois 13th Congressional District Candidate Regan Deering. “Imposing an extra tax on farmers trying to get their products to market, and other members of our rural workforce who must travel for more opportunities to help pay for Nikki’s tax credits for wealthy electric car owners is morally wrong. Nikki has clearly spent way too long in Chicago and Washington D.C. if she thinks people in the 13th District are going to get behind increasing our taxes to pay for the Biden Budzinski Agenda.”

Deering added that she would not support raising any taxes during this desperate time of record inflation, the most expensive food prices since 1979, and the largest electricity price increase since 1981.